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There are more than 100 types of arthritis and collectively affect nearly 46 million adults and 300,000 children in America. Arthritis is a threat to the musculoskeletal system and specifically the joints – where two or more bones meet. Arthritis related joints problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joint cartilage (the tough, smooth tissue that covers the ends of the bones, enabling them to glide against one another) and surrounding structures. Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health problems and the nation’s leading cause of disability. Besides, it is also the second only to heart diseases as a cause of work disability (Arthritis Foundation). This disease can be due to aging, under nutrition, accumulation of toxin, inheritance, obese, overwork, or over exercise that cause wear and tear of cartilage. Currently, arthritis is incurable, however appropriate supplement will be able to keep arthritis in control.

As we age, the ability of body to synthesize Collagen is greatly reduced. Besides, the wear and tear resulted in rough and thinning of cartilage thus leads to the declining of joint lubrication that causes pain, swelling, stiffness, cracking joints, and even frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and computer elbow wherever there is friction applied on the parts. HMS J-Flexi is refined through various quality assurance procedures, a product of high nutritional value that building blocks necessary to support healthy joint and bone function and can provide a variety of essential nutrients to the body and skin. According to clinical trials, the active ingredients in HMS J-Flexi can relieve arthritis and joint discomfort. Interesting life of yours starts with HMS J-Flexi !



Is a nutritional food supplement with pure and natural ingredients

No coloring, no preservative, no anti-caking agent, no drug. Safe to consume

High absorption to human body with main ingredient average molecular weight of  500 Dalton (Collagen peptide)

Patented ingredient- the only NAG in the world produced by full enzymatic hydrolysis of chitin. Natural ingredient manufactured by 100% enzymatic technology

 NAG is a precursor for glucosamine U& HA

3 in 1 Joint Health formula – Synthesis of joint cartilage, joint lubrication and anti-inflammatory

5 natural active ingredients in 1 ultimate proprietary joint health formula

21st century most advanced joint health care formulation

Backed by extensive clinical research proving its efficacy and safety


Replenish bone and joint nutrient, prevent lose of bone solidity and help to maintain healthy cartilage tissue

Improve the health and flexibility of joints

Relieves pain, swelling, stiffness, weak, and noise from joint

Rapid recovery of cartilage

Alleviates bone hyperplasia

Delays aging, prevent joint degeneration

Improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, preventing rupture of blood vessels

Promotes healthy joints and prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

Protect the nails, eye, nourish hair

High content of collagen that is able to speed up wound recovery, maintain the suppleness and elasticity of skin


Who needs HMS J-Flexi?

    • Person who suffers from stiff bones, inflexible joints, and need to increase the ductility of bone
    • Person who suffers from fracture and is in the state of recovery
    • Those suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemias, heart disease, Joint pain (especially knee pain, shoulder pain, pelvic pain) and etc.
    • Those suffering from calcium deficiency and malabsorption of calcium
    • Those who are concerned about health (middle age, long time standing, climbing or walking people, women with high heels for long period of time, overweight, sports person, etc)
  • Person with sagging skin, wrinkles, dry and damaged hair, brittle nails

Main Ingredients

1). Chitin Extract (NAG)

– contains natural N- acetylglucosamine (NAG) component which helps to improve the health of joint and cartilage as it will become constituent of cartilage. Studies had shown that it can improve joint function and relieve the pain of degenerative arthritis.

NAG use in HMS J-Flexi :

    • Patented- is the only NAG in the world produced by full enzymatic hydrolysis of chitin. Natural ingredient manufactured by 100% enzymatic technology.  All other NAG are produced either by chemical acetylation of glucosamine or by acidic hydrolysis of chitin.
    • Many clinical tests have shown the improvement of joint movement and arthritis after NAG intake.
    • NAG can be used as food supplements for the treatment of osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and vulva pain, and for anti-aging and skin care.
    • In Korea, NAG has been approved by Korean FDAFood and drug administration as a New Health Food Ingredient for joint health.
    • NAG (N-acetylglucosamine) is a precursor for glucosamine
    • Helps joint and cartilage health as becoming constituent of cartilage
    • Food- safe natural ingredient existing in mother milk
    • 3 times higher bioavailability than glucosamine
    • Effectively used for joint cartilage synthesis than glucosamine
    • Shows improvement of joint movement and arthritis on many clinical tests
    • It helps on pain relief of degenerative arthritis
    • Oral administration of NAG increases the hyaluronic acid content of skin and glycosaminoglycan content of damaged cartilage in joint knees, and it shows anti-ulcerative activity in gastrointestinal tract and other beneficial activities in human body. Result on moisture content and skin elasticity is proven on both animal and human tests.
  • Can be used as food supplements for the treatment of osteoarthritis and also anti-aging

Distribution in Body :

  • Distribution in whole skin
  • Precursor component of Hyaluronic acid
  • Natural ingredient existing highly in mother’s milk (safe ingredient)
  • Constituent of intestinal mucosal and joint cartilage

Distribution in Nature:

  • 1500 mg/l of NAG in mother milk
  • Constituent of crustacean shell (chitin)such as crab shell

2 Studies – i.) NAG Disposition and ii.) Metabolic Disposition.
NAG disposition is a review articles on NAG, it do compare the manufacturing process, highlight on the absorption and functional claims for NAG.
Metabolic Disposition is the articles mentioned the NAG had higher absorption in the body.
Basically the article is about “within 168 hours after oral administration, about 21% is excreted through urine and feces; and about 80% is absorbed in the body. From this 80% not all NAG is being absorbed. 54.39% is excreted through respiration whereas only 23.8% used in the body.
On the other hand, glucosamine is excreted about 11% through urine and feces; about 81% is excreted through respiration. Then, about only 8% is used in the body.

2). Collagen Peptide

Collagen peptide is a family of fibrous proteins that act as the building blocks for organs, skin, bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons and other connective tissues, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Collagen peptide helps to maintain healthy cartilage by creating a balance between continuous process of cartilage degradation and cartilage renovation. Accelerates regeneration of cartilage, thus helping to prevent or minimize erosions, fusions and articular deformities from arising. It helps in healing and repairing damaged bones and cartilages, also maintains the resistance, elasticity and mobility of joints and connective tissue.

Collagen Type I: skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of bone). This is the most abundant collagen of the human body. It is present in scar tissue, the end product when tissue heals by repair. It is found in tendons, skin, artery walls, cornea, the endomysium  surrounding muscle fibers, fibro cartilage, and the organic part of bones and teeth.

Collagen Type II: Cartilage (main collage nous component of cartilage) Hyaline cartilage, makes up 50% of all cartilage protein. Vittreous humour of the eye.           

Collagen Type III: This is the collagen of granulation tissue, and is produced quickly by young fibroblasts before the tougher type I collagen is synthesized. Reticular fiber.  Also found in artery walls, skin, intestines and the uterus.

Collagen Peptide use in HMS J-Flexi :

    • 100% from fish scale
    • Collagen peptide with clinical studies support
    • High purity, no bad taste, high solubility
    • Great absorption to the body with average 2 nanometer size. The smallest molecular weight in the market. High absorption to human body with average molecular weight of 500 Dalton
    • It contain Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 collagen
    • Shows better absorption to the body than other collagen products
    • Clinically proven on pain relief on knee joint by collagen peptide
    • Keeps elasticity skin, shiny hair and bright nails
  • Clinically proven increase of skin flexibility and elasticity by collagen peptide

3). Olive Fruit Extract

    • Hydroxytyrosol (HT) found in olive fruit extracts are found to anti-inflammation
    • HT is a potent antioxidants and radical scavengers.
  • Study has been shown that HT Is the major anti-inflammatory compound, and play potential role in cardiovascular disease, inflammation and longevity.  It prevented chronic inflammatory process in arthritic diseases.

4). Acai Berry Extract

Contains the highest amount of antioxidant amongst fruits. Its antioxidant helps in anti-aging by reducing free radicals in the body and boosting the immune system. When the body has a good source of antioxidant, the likelihood of getting sick reduces. It is also recognized as a good supplement for longevity and healthy living. It has a significant beneficial health effect on, hair loss, anemia, diarrhea and liver disease, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain and muscle aches. Studies have proven that, dietary interventions involving antioxidants help to reduce inflammation improve joint motion and reduce join pain. Acai berry contains a range of polyphenols that protect cellular oxidative damage and provide anti-inflammatory signaling leading to reduced production of free radical by inflammatory cells.

  • Antioxidant- promotes heart and skin health, reduces inflammation, reduce irritation, improve cellular health, anti-cancer.
  • Energy booster- increase overall stamina
  • Anti-aging effect- 10 times the amount of antioxidants as grapes, and 2 times the amount of blueberries.

5). Ginger

Decrease joint pain and reduces inflammation in people with osteoarthritis(OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  Increases circulation in people with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Ginger used in Asian medicine for centuries, ginger has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger also suppresses leukotrienes (inflammatory molecules) and switch off certain inflammatory genes, potentially making it more effective than conventional pain relievers.

  • Ginger contains active components such as gingerol and shogaol. They have been shown to share similar pharmacological properties with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • It suppresses prostaglandin synthesis through the inhibition of cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 which can provide relief from the symptoms of inflammation and pain.
  • Ginger can suppress leukotrience biosynthesis by inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX). 5-LOX is the key enzyme that breaks down protective joint tissues. With this ability it shares the similar properties of joint protection herb such as Bosweilla Serrata.
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties, reduces inflammation  and decrease joint pain Dual inhibition of cyclooxygenase and 5-LOX to have better therapeutic effect

GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides)

A type of prebiotic that can be used in glycolysis with selected Bifidobacteria. It can accelerate the growth rate of Bifidobacteria in the human intestine by 40-fold, thus impeding harmful bacteria growth and maintains the balance of intestinal microflora. It serves as a natural defense system in our body to maintain intestinal health. GOS have a pleasant mild sweet taste and can increase the texture and mouth-feel of foods providing bulk properties.

* Prebiotics – Prebiotics are defined as non-digestible food ingredients that stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.

    • Promotes the synthesis of vitamin B, increases the absorption and utilization of protein and promotes the absorption of minerals.
    • Improves intestinal colonization resistance and immunity: reduces ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, amines, phenol, indole, bacterial toxins, carcinogens (nitroso, epoxy, secondary bile acids) and hazardous materials in the body.
    • Promotes intestinal peristalsis: Improves the ability of the intestines to remove harmful substances from the body over time. Moreover, strong absorption of water can increase the water content in stool making it easier to pass.
    • Prevents tooth decay: characteristics such as indigestion and not absorbed by the body, low level of sugar and calorie. Furthermore, it is not used by the streptococcus in the mouth, although it’s been broken down by enzymes in our mouth, thus it has the function of preventing tooth decay.
  • Reduce endotoxin: reduces the production of toxic fermentation and harmful bacteria enzymes. Bifidobacteria inhibit harmful bacteria in the gut, reducing endotoxin in the gut.

Directions for use:

Add a sachet of HMS J-Flexi  (10g) into 150ml water. Stir well and serve immediately.

Take 1-2 sachets daily before meal.

*For gastric patient, please consume after food.


Passion Fruit Juice powder, Galactooligosaccharide, Isomaltulose, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Chitin Extract Powder, Acai Berry Extract, Ginger Powder, Olive Fruit Extract.


Keep in a cool, dry and dark place. Avoid sunlight.


This product contains ingredient derived from seafood.

Those with medical conditions please consult your doctor/ pharmacist first before consuming.

Remark: Product color and taste may vary due to the characteristics of natural ingredients of the product.